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10 Amazing Facts | Random And Interesting Facts

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 10 Random Interesting Facts

I think you don't know these Amazing Facts before Reading this:

1. In the West Side of  Sydney there is a  102 Years Old Ship with the name of  SS Ayrfield Which has Turned into a Floating Forest.

2.There Is a Shortest International Bridge in the World between Canada and USA the name of Zavikon Island with the Length of 32 Feets. 

3. Brazil got its name from a tree Called "Pau-Brasil" or Brazilwood in English. Its also the National Tree of Brazil. 

4. The Wind on Neptune reach the Speed of 1,600 MPH (2,600 KPH) that's 3x Faster then Commercial Airplane. 

5. A Guy Traveled 4,450 miles to Create a Drawing to Propose his Girlfriend, his Name is Yasushi Takahashi, a Japanese Artist, made the World's largest GPS Drawing For his Marriage Proposal.

6. The Shortest Commercial Flight in the world is 2.8 KMs Long and lasts 47 Seconds.

7. It would take 22.7 Years to Eat at every Restaurant in New York City.

8. The Bizarre Hand in the Desert Is one Of the weirdest Place in the World Located in Chile.

9. 33 Light Years away there is a Mysterious Exoplanet Completely covered in Burning Ice.

10. In Denmark, there are no Mountains, Its Highest Point Yding Skovhoj is just 172.54 Meters (566 Feets) Tall 

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